"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"

"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"

Founded in 2022, Super Secret is Web3’s premiere global founder's alliance that you've never heard of.

Once inside, invited members provide advice, partnership opportunities, and grant access to each others communities via airdrops, collabs and allowlists. This “founder’s alliance” helps introduce fans and customers to new, amazing projects while dramatically increasing the likelihood of a project's next launch “minting out”.

- 45+ doxxed & vetted projects
- A combined Discord reach of over 167,000 people
- A combined Twitter reach of over 303,000 people
- Founders have raised over a quarter of a billion USD from the world’s best investors.

You’ll Meet In The Private Discord For:
- Live Board of Advisor calls with top advisors, mentors, and investors.
- Access to combined communities and audiences for your future drops.
- Weekly async accountability sessions.
- Cross-promotion opportunities with partners.
- Access to a combined member directory.
- Access to a combined vendor directory.
- Exclusive access to IRL & Virtual Events (eg. web3comicon.com)
- Exclusive access to promotion opportunities (eg. the community supported Evening Alpha podcast)
- Personal advice, support, & feedback.

Who It’s For:
- Doxxed, post-launch project founders in the Web3 space.
- Select mentors, advisors, and investors in the Web3 space.
- Those that crave access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Who It’s Not For:
- Pre-launch builders in the “idea” phase.
- Flippers.
- “Get-rich-quick” folks.
- Wantrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial journey you’re on is for life and the problems you’re facing now are solvable.

Don't build alone, build together.

Interested in joining us?

Hit up @0xHappyPenguin to earn your entry pass.